How Would You Like To Double, 
Triple or Even Quadruple 
Your Close Rate?
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Special Offer $97
Seriously... What Would It Do For Your Business To convert Cold Leads To Prospects To Paying Clients?
Remember that guy not too long ago, who you had on the phone and thought FOR SURE he was a closed deal? 

What ever happened to him? 

He just disappeared didn't he? 

You followed up by calling, emailing, texting and even stalking him via private message on Facebook. 

Where Did It All Go Wrong?
The consumer today is not the consumer of just two years ago. As more and more people not only join, but engage actively on social media sites, they become more and more aware of marketing and sales angles. 

This makes it harder to get your message to resonate with them enough to trust buying from you, vs every other offer out there. 

It's a grind. Day in and day out...

...This grind wears on us salespeople emotionally, physically, spiritually and any other "ually" you want to add to this list. After time, we stop showing up like we did in the beginning. 

This is due to exhaustion, being screwed over by past jobs, customer complaints and a disbelief in the product you might be currently pushing.

Most of us salespeople have had multiple jobs and have had to come face to face with the hard truths of reality and the marketplace, several times in our lives. 

Each time this happens we lose a little of that spark we had when we first launched our career in sales. 
I hear it all the time.
Guys will talk to me about the "good old days" and "How it used to be" 'til they are blue in the face. 

The problem with this is that the good old days are still here. 

It's the man that loses his spark, NOT the marketplace. 

No one ever tells you how hard it is to show up ready to play at 100% every day you wake up. 

Salespeople don't take weekends off. 

We're there for our clients and prospects whenever they get ready to pull the trigger. 

It can wear you. I know. I've been there.

There are lots of great sales programs out there which allow you to learn, be inspired and implement the content within them. 

Trust me, I've paid for and taken just about every one that's out there. 

None of them tell you about the grind. 

While I'm all for "rah rah" motivation, I'm more for "raw raw" sales training. 

That tells it like it is, and puts everything in a perspective that refuels that spark you once had into a fire.  

When you SHOW UP ready to let nothing stand in the way of you and your ability to solve the big ass problem of your prospect, you close more deals. It's a proven fact. 

Humans can detect insecurity, indecision and insincerity and they run from it. 

They sure as hell don't throw credit card numbers to weak ass salespeople either. 
I've Created A Program That Will Not Only Motivate And Inspire You To Show Up And Close More Sales, It Will Force You To Realize There Is More To The Game 
Than Just Selling

Before you take me up on my offer to invest in this program you must know that once you learn this stuff there is no going back. 

You can't un-know this stuff. 

Some will piss you off because you will realize it's been done or is being done to you. 

You must also agree NOT to use any of the methods in this training program for evil. 

This is powerful stuff here, don't be an asshole with it.
What Qualifies Me To Deliver The Worlds 
Best Sales Training Course?
I've set records in sales all my life. From selling 1,400 car washes in a day to closing millions of dollars in mortgage and real estate transactions weekly. 

I've worked alongside or trained many of the top performers across multiple industries. From your favorite TV reality real estate star all the way to your top performing internet marketing consultants. 

My shit works for everyone who's willing to Show Up and Close. 

People from all around the world come to me daily asking for my sales help. 

Now that you are here on this page, you get a chance to take me up on an offer you shouldn't and can't refuse. 

More sales = more money and that's exactly what I plan to help you get with Show Up and Close. 
Here's What You Get:
  •  How to best use this training platform
  •  Why You NEED to Sell/Selling State of mind.
  •  3 Ways to Sell a Prospect
  •  The Perfect Customer Is Who You Are Selling To
  •  USP
  •  CLOSER [audios]
  •  Why are you even talking to them?
  •  Engaging your facebook audience
  •  How To Find common ground
  •  Give them structure
  • Why showing up is important
  • How to show up
  • How to ask hard questions
  • Keeping the direction and pace
  • Foreshadowing
  •  How to think like a prospect
  •  Finding their BAP
  •  Solving BAPs
  •  Stacking the good
  •  Why closing is SO important
  •  Where the sale is lost
  •  Would you like my help
  •  CTA or starve
  • Why you close with q's not statements
  •  Whip Effect
  •  5 social media primetimes
  •  Syndicate set up
  •  How to run an ad on facebook (4 videos)
Normally $497
Special Offer $97
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Ryan B. Ginther

Ryan has opened my eyes and quite frankly given me my balls back. His energetic follow through type of strategy didn't take long to start showing promise and in the end, give exactly what we are all looking for results. 

Clayton B. Eason

In a profession where everyone seems to act and market the same way, Ryan has taught me how to be myself to reach a greater audience and has helped me to overcome many great obstacles in my life. It's crazy to think where I might be these days if I hadn't invested with Ryan.


Josh Holubz

When I first saw Ryan Stewman, I had no question as to whether or not his training would be revolutionary. I knew his training would be a true game-changer...BUT...I wasn't sure if he actually possessed all of the knowledge, skills and materials which he claimed in his videos and Ads. If you're like me, then you're reading this and nodding your head in agreement, so let me help you out: Ryan Stewman has everything you need...AND MORE! 

Jeff Albright 

Great sales training.....I sell over the phone high end coaching programs for various gurus...I closed a 12k sale this past Tuesday (my commission is 20%) using the CLOSER method Ryan Stewman teaches in this course

TJ Barker

Ryan Stewman has not only taught me how to be a better loan officer but he has shown me how to be truly successful. Ryan's sales training absolutely works!

Craig Cook

Being in the mortgage industry everybody tries to pitch you some different way to help you grow your business: lead companies, sales seminars, softwares. Being solicited all the time it's hard to tell what's REAL and what's not! There was something about Ryan's demeanor in his videos that spoke to me directly. I didn't feel like I was being sold, but felt like I was missing out on opportunity. Thank god I clicked on that video.

Rob Sekel

Ryan's high energy demeanor and unwavering dedication to his clients are awesome! I am so grateful for Ryan's innovative thinking, passion, and love for what he delivers us. His unique and strategic methods have grown my business by 225% in just a little over 90 days. Ryan is an outstanding human being who always stacks the goods for the members. I now consider him my brother for saving my life and business.

Letha Martin

I would have never known when I joined Ryan's group how far I would have come in just 7 months. Not only has my business and income doubled, but Ryan gave me skills and confidence to do things that I couldn't before. There is no amount of money that I could have ever paid to become who I have grown into being. Thank you so much Ryan- literally now all I have to do is show up and close!
I could go on and on all day long about why you need to gimme yo credit card and buy this program right now but I won't. I'll spare you the nagging and simply tell you this:
I don't know of any other program of this kind. I've used these word tracks, strategies, lines and tactics to sell something on every continent on Earth. It's now your turn to take control of your sales game and Show Up and Close.  
Normally $497
Special Offer $97
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